Cray-Pen CP-1AMKIT Colored Wax Painting Pen - Paint with Melted Crayons
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Product Description

Our new Cray-Pen paint kit was designed for the creative person in mind and will change your entire perspective on painting! Your imagination will be taken to a new level of fun. Crafters, students, and artists alike will benefit from the advantages of the Cray-Pen! No more solvents, no more dull colors and cut the cost of expensive paints and brushes. Achieve watercolor and oil painting effects by blending and applying thin or thick layers of the wax. Simply choose your tip (detail or bold) and attach it to the Cray-Pen, plug in the cray-pen, put switch to on, heat up for 5 minutes, dip the heated tip into one of wax pucks and let the painting begin. The kit includes 20 different colored wax pucks and 2 Clean Out pucks to avoid unwanted mixing of colors. WARNING: This product can expose you to lead which is known to the State of California to Cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to

Cray-Pen CP-1AMKIT Colored Wax Painting Pen - Paint with Melted Crayons

Product Features

  • Cray-pen can be used to decorate just about anything: picture frames, glasses, pumpkins, canvas, wood decor, metal, plastic, fabric, eggs and as you use your cray-pen you can add to this list; we suggest you test any new application not listed
  • Kit will provide hours of creative, brush-less painting fun
  • Easy to blend colors, no prep required, dries in seconds, crayons can also be used, can apply thin or thick layers, colors are brilliant, use the detail tip for more detailed painting and the bold tip for larger areas or a more dramatic affect
  • Easy to use: plug in the tool, turn switch to on, allow 5 minutes for the tool to heat and dip the tip of the cray-pen into the wax puck and gravity will release the melted wax to the surface
  • 20 variety color wax pucks and 2 clean-out pucks

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