Color Glue Sticks Variety Pack - Mini Size - 4" - 12 Pack (CO-12V)


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Add color for decoration or to blend in with your project with this versatile and handy set that includes a variety of colors including pink, blue, green, black and white. Pack contains green, pink, turquoise, black and white. Offers ease of use in low-, dual- or high-temperature mini glue guns. Sticks are 5/16” in diameter and 4" in length. Glue may dry at a slightly different color from the glue stick itself. Recommended for use with the all Surebonder mini glue guns.

Product Features:

• 12-pack of 4-inch mini-size glue sticks in a variety of colors that are made in the USA

• Colorful, effective, mini glue sticks to spur creativity, add flair or blend into your project

• Effectively bonds a wide range of materials, including fabric, jewelry and paper

• Ideal for use in mini glue guns of all temperatures

•Non-toxic for use in school and kids’ projects