Hot Glue Gun Interchangeable Nozzles - Pack of 3 Flat & Round Nozzles (6003)


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This versatile set lets you adjust the shape and size of your hot glue bead upon application. Compatible with full-size glue guns in the following glue gun lines: Ultra Series (DT-360F, DT-3100F), Essentials Series (L-270, H-270, DT-270), Specialty Series (H-327F), and the Professional Series (PRO2-60, DT-750, HE-750). Orifice sizes are 0.076 inches for the small round nozzle and 0.120-inch for the large round nozzle. The flat nozzle has a 0.160-inch width and a 0.045-inch height. Keep this handy nozzle set in your toolbox so you can easily adjust the size of your glue stream for greater precision in adhesion.

Product Features:

• COMPATIBLE GLUE GUNS - These interchangeable nozzles are compatible with the DT-360F, DT-3100F, L-270, H-270, DT-270, H-327F, PRO2-60, DT-750, and HE-750W.

• 3 ALUMINUM SPECIALTY NOZZLES - Includes nozzle adapter and 3 aluminum specialty nozzles (small round, large round, and flat) for various repair and craft projects.

• EXTENSION - These nozzles provide an extended reach for ultimate precision while enabling smooth and constant glue flow.

• PREVENTS BACKFLOW OF GLUE - An included check valve automatically prevents the backflow of glue, reducing the chance of user injury.

• EASY TO REMOVE - The nozzles can be easily taken on and off using an adjustable wrench. Please refer to the installation and removal processes on the back of the packaging.

SKU: 6003