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Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale Exclusions

The 20% off Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale excludes our industrial heavy-duty glue guns, bulk hot melt glue, and industrial glue gun accessories. See non-eligible product SKUs and product types below.

Glue Guns/Skillets

Bulk Hot Melt Glue


HYBRID-120 5 LB Boxes  100SET
HYBRID-120KIT 10 LB Boxes 101
PRO2-220 11 LB Boxes 102
PRO2-220HT 22 LB Boxes 103N
PRO2-180 25 LB Boxes 103F
PRO9700A 35 LB Boxes 103R
SPRAY-500 103CS-076
MGG-800 103CS-090
PRO2-500 103CS-125
803GM MNR-22
803GM-KIT MNR-21