DIY Reindeer Holiday Felt Tree Skirt

Create a felt holiday tree skirt with the help of Surebonder®'s Fabric Stik™ hot glue sticks

We hope you enjoyed our holiday tree skirt craft video and it inspired you to create your own. Below are several different file types available to download for the template we created. 

1. Make the felt tree skirt, with provided instructions from video.

2. Download the file type that is right for you. Click on the link(s) below.

3. Use a cricut, silhouette machine or a printer and good-ole fashion scissors to cut out the reindeer and ornament shapes out of your desired color felt.

4. Use Surebonder®'s fabric hot glue sticks to adhere the reindeer and ornament felt shapes to your previously made felt tree skirt base.

5. Place under tree and enjoy your creation! Can't wait to see what you create, remember to use #surebonder on social media.

Finished holiday tree skirt under Christmas tree


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Inspiration comes from many places, for this amazing project our inspiration came from a combination of tree skirts from the 1950s and extraordinary vintage designers of today, like MelodramaJewels At Home and many more.

tree skirt inspiration 1
tree skirt inspiration 2 tree skirt inspiration 3 tree skirt inspiration 4


Download the template here:

Adobe PDF (.pdf)

Adobe Illustrator (.ai)

Scalable Vector Graphics (.svg)

Portable Network Graphics (.png)

Joint Photographic Group (.jpg)