711 Packaging Combo Kit
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711 Packaging Combo Kit 711 Packaging Combo Kit - Surebonder 711 Packaging Combo Kit - Surebonder 711 Packaging Combo Kit - Surebonder

Product Description

This packaging combo kit comes with a 25 pound case of our 711 fast set packaging adhesive and our 80 watt HE-750 hot glue gun. This Hot Melt Adhesive, 15in. Full Size (7/16" in dia.) Glue Stick has an excellent hot tack for a fast and strong bond. The 10 second open time is short and the glue has a great delivery rate. It will bond to most porous materials including wood and is great for packaging applications. 25 lbs - approx. 300 sticks. The Surebonder HE-750 Professional High Temperature Glue Gun comes with 80 watts of heating power and an ergonomic long trigger design that requires less user effort. Glue melts twice as fast as other full size glue guns. Creates a stronger bond on materials such as wood, plastic, metal, ceramics, magnets, leather, paper, and fabric. Complete with a removable wire stand for your convenience. This glue gun uses standard, Full Size (1/2", 7/16", .43") diameter glue sticks. Specialty nozzles also available, sold separately-Surebonder Nozzle Set #6000. Not included with this glue gun kit.

711 Packaging Combo Kit

Product Features

  • Kit Includes: (1) 711R15 glue sticks and (1) HE-750 hot glue gun
  • 711R15 Glue Sticks: 25 lbs box of 711 fast set packaging glue sticks, approx. 300 glue sticks
  • HE-750 Hot Glue Gun: 80 Watts, high temperature, full size
  • This kit is perfect for creating a strong bond to most porous materials
  • Great for packaging applications

MSRP $110.00

  • Part #: 711R15B
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  • Shipping Weight: 0.0 lb

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Product Specifications
Diameter(s) 7/16" Full Size
Length(s) 15"
Open Time 15 seconds
Color Tan
Softening Point Mettler - 208°F
Melting Point NA
Viscocity 3800cps @ 375°F
Odor Slight
Shelf Life Indefinite
Flash Point Above 450°F
Application Temperature 380°F
FDA Status #213FR175.105
SAFT 174°F
PAFT 140°F
Ring & Ball NA
Heat Resistance NA