4 Reasons Why The Triggerfire Stapler is A Must-Have Item

Any homeowner knows that there are key tools that will be used consistently. These staple tools need to be quality products and make projects a little easier. We took this to heart when we developed the Triggerfire. Here are four reasons why you need this staple gun in your tool box. 

2-in-1 Staple Gun

The Surebonder Triggerfire has two settings. One setting allows you to use the stapler in the “normal” mode, which will staple like an everyday stapler. The most unique feature is the “trigger” mode. In this mode, you can engage the staple within the staple gun and then staple with a simple press of a finger. This feature brings us to the next reason why you need this staple gun.

Staple With One Hand

Our unique trigger system makes projects easier. Hand held staple guns can be heavy to hold with one hand and also be hard to staple. Many consumers end up using both hands to staple which can cause errors in some projects. The simple trigger allows you to place the staple gun anywhere. It also allows you to keep your project and staple gun steady when preparing to staple. This makes it the best upholstery staple gun.

Staple In Hard-To-Reach Places

Love the trigger system yet? To make this staple gun even more handy, the trigger system allows you to reach to staple into corners and hard to reach places. Without the need of a large amount of pressure placed on the staple gun. You can reach over or under, simply pull the trigger and staple where ever you need to.

DIY Projects

DIY is where it’s at and we’ve got you covered! The Triggerfire staple gun can make your projects easier and more efficient. The heavy duty staples will make upholstery a breeze in combination with the easy trigger system. Find additional uses for a stapler in your home improvement and garden projects.

Check out this quick video and see how easy it was to staple part of this garden project. We show you in a few steps how to load the staple gun and how to use the staple gun.

Want to learn more about our Tiggerfire stapler? Comment below! We would love to hear from you!



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