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 It takes dedication and a special group of people to build and maintain a strong reputation in the adhesives industry. Surebonder®, the USA’s industry leader in shaped hot melt innovation and manufacturing has done just that. As the company moves into its third generation of leadership and direction, the original family values remain at their core. Founded in 1968, Surebonder by FPC Corporation has steadily grown and improved as they have moved from a one car garage to a 45,000 sq. ft. facility capable of producing millions of sticks per day.

At Surebonder® we make all of our hot melt glue products in our state of the art manufacturing facility in Wauconda, Illinois. Each formula is meticulously engineered, tested and produced with only the highest quality materials to ensure every project is met with complete satisfaction. Surebonder® offers a broad line of adhesives that contain base materials such as EVAs, polyamides, APAOs, metalacines, acrylics and more. From industrial to craft, to our new construction adhesives, all of our 25+ formulas are specifically designed and engineered to exceed expectations for each application.
Since 1968, Surebonder® has been providing affordable and innovative adhesive solutions that are engineered and manufactured in the USA.  With auto shut off technology for safety, cordless glue guns for convenience, motorized glue guns for those demanding applications and our newest product, a spray hot melt glue gun; Surebonder® never stops innovating to stay on the cusp of hot melt technology. We are family owned and quality runs in our blood, from the design table to the product in your hand. The next time you need to fasten something, think Surebonder®.

A humble beginning...
With the help of his parents, Eugene Kamins started the company in 1968 out of a single car garage as an eyelet and rivet distributor. As time went on, the distributor business grew and so did the company building as it allowed them to move out of the garage. It wasn’t until Zenith Electronics inquired about a case of hot melt glue sticks that glue was added to the inventory list. At that time, they began adding hot glue guns and marketing them to crafters and florists. Eugene's passion for his family and customers through the years helped continue to build not just a business, but a family legacy that would be passed down for generations.

Eugene's children have continued that legacy by showing the same passion for customers by creating high quality products that deliver top-notch performance. With a redesign of product, including multiple safety features, the Kamins have pioneered the fastener and adhesive industry by making Surebonder® products safer for future generations. With the third generation of the Kamins family following in the footsteps of their grandfather, Surebonder® is proud to carry forward the same passion and service with every product today.

Starting out in 1968

Surebonder History Prospect Heights

Present Day
Aerial shot of present day facility