5 Reasons Why Surebonder Is The Best Glue Gun

With so many hot glue guns in the market, it can be hard to find the one that will capture your heart. We are a customer oriented family company that does their very best to give our customers what they want and need. As the pioneers of hot melt, here are some features we created just for you.

Auto Shut-Off Technology

leave-glue-gun-onWe know how busy everyone can be and the art of multitasking has now become more common. When you are in the middle of a project and get pulled away, it’s easy to forget that your glue gun is on. We came up with a solution for these situations so you never have to worry. The Surebonder Ultra Series Hot Glue Guns come with auto shut-off technology. The glue guns will automatically shut off after 30 minutes of non-use. To turn the glue gun on again, simply pull the trigger to activate. Never leave home worried that your glue gun was left on again!


Insulated Nozzle


Safety is important to us and with high temperature glue guns, it becomes even more important. To keep our users safer, we incorporated an insulated nozzle on our hot glue guns. The nozzle is the hottest part of the gun and by adding an insulated piece, it helps keep that portion covered and our users safer. If you have have particular projects where you don’t want the insulator on the glue, you are able to take it off. Some glue gun models even have interchangeable nozzles such as our DT-360F and PRO2-100.



Cordless Hot Glue Gun

We know that sometimes your dream projects can be tough so we have developed multiple cordless glue guns. For industrial hot melt jobs we have chosen our Hybrid-120 or PRO2-60. For our crafters, the CL-800L or the USB-195 are great options. The USB-195 glue gun can be used for up to 75 minutes after a 3-4 hour charge. Never let a cord hold you back again and discover the world of cordless crafting.











Side Fins

The Surebonder Ultra,Plus Series and a few specialty glue guns have unique side fins on them. These fins have a very important purpose for crafters and DIY lovers. A habit that is common, is to lay the glue gun on its side. This can cause the melted glue to back feed which leaves a mess. The side fins tilt the glue gun towards the nozzle just enough to make sure the glue will not back feed. You won’t have a mess and it helps keep our users safe.



Surebonder has a hot glue gun for any application you can think of. We make glue guns in different sizes and wattage. The size of the gun should match with the size of the project, however, wattage becomes very important. If you want more glue output, choose a higher wattage glue gun. This will help you complete your project with ease. We even have different temperature glue guns. The lower temp glue guns are for more delicate material and the higher temp will help give you a better bond on more porous material.

Customer feedback is important to us! If you have any comments or questions we would love to hear them. We aim to give our customers the best quality tools for their projects.

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