3 Reasons Why Crafters Are Awesome

When you hear the word “craft”, does a smile come across your face and a sense of calm immediately follow? Then you just might be a crafter! Crafters have creative outside of the box thinking that helps make the world go round. Here are our top 4 reasons why crafters are awesome.  


Crafters are on the forefront of innovation. They find ingenious ways to solve little and big problems with simple solutions that leaves other people asking themselves, “why didn’t I think of that?” Give a crafter a hot glue gun and you can watch them create something out of nothing in a matter of minutes. These real world visionaries, not only solve problems, but their solution always ends up picturesque.


When you are searching for amazing things you can make at home, the first stop is usually the crafters haven, Pinterest. There you can browse through multiple brilliant ideas at once and find your own inspiration through them. Crafters spend countless hours on blogs and social media, sharing their works of art and ideas with the world and for that, we thank them! Their hard work inspires their peers, aspiring crafters and the younger generations that will follow.


One thing is for certain, crafts do not always go perfectly the first time around. Even the most experienced crafters knows anything can go wrong, but a resourceful crafter knows how to keep calm, cover it up and move on. Sometimes the best craft inspiration ideas come out of crafting fails. We like to think of this as “crafters magic.” One minute the project is falling apart and the next minute it’s done and looks like a stunning masterpiece.



If you have a beloved craftster in your life, be sure to share this with them to tell them how awesome they really are!

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