How to Make a Craft Stick Canvas

Artwork is inspiring to not only artists but crafters alike. It allows for creativity and leaves you with a beautiful piece of work to keep or to gift. What is great about this project is that its on a smaller scale so it won’t take up a lot of time or space.

Things you will need:

-11 Craft Sticks
-Surebonder Dual Temp Glue Gun
-Surebonder glue sticks (clear)
-Acrylic paint (Choice of color is yours)
-Paint brushes (we recommend one wide and one with a fine tip for detail)

The first thing we need to do is build our canvas that we will be painting on. We want to make sure we have our adhesive heating up as we get ready to apply the glue. Lay nine craft sticks right next to each other with keeping the top and bottom even. Lay one of the craft sticks on top of the line of them making sure that some part of that stick will touch the ones below it. This will be our brace for our canvas and keep all of the sticks together.

Mark each side of that stick so when we go to glue we know that all of the sticks will be held together.

Carefully remove the top craft stick and apply hot glue to one side. Once glue has been applied, carefully line up the craft stick with your marks, double checking that all of the sticks will be held together. Once you are sure, press the craft stick down into place and allow it to cool.


Next, take the second craft stick and line it up with the first one on the other side of the line of  craft sticks and mark each side. Apply glue to one of the craft stick side and align with your marks. Press the craft stick down into place and allow it to cool.

At this point  your craft glue should be dry and you should have two parallel craft sticks holding together your canvas.

Let the painting begin!

We found inspiration from artist David Becker and chose a pretty outdoors winter scene for this but feel free to make this yours. This is your canvas to unleash your creativity!

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