How to Make a Decorative Fall Pumpkin

Thanksgiving is right around the corner so it’s time to start getting our craft gears turning for the next fall project. During fall there are a few things that tend to be at the forefront of popular decor; leaves, pumpkins and falls colors. The great thing about pumpkin projects is that you can use them September through November, giving you the most bang for your buck and for your time. Out of all of the amazing things you can make at home,we thought it would be fun to do a modern take with our decorative fall pumpkin project.

You will need:

- A pumpkin (real or fake- this pumpkin is fake)

- Some leaves (real or fake, these are fake)

- Spray paint in fall colors

-White spray paint

-Surebonder dual temp glue gun

-Surebonder hot glue sticks

 Small Pumpkin for Decorative Pumpkin Leaves for Decorative Pumpkin
Spray Paint for Decorative Pumpkin Glue Gun for Decorative Pumpkin


The modern take on this project is the pumpkin itself. Instead of using the pumpkin in all of it’s orange glory, we took it down a notch and used white spray paint. By painting the pumpkins white we not only give it a more modern look but it always will help our colorful fall leaves stand out.

First take the pumpkin and spray paint it white.When spraying the pumpkin be sure to be in a well ventilated area and not around anything that you would mind getting paint on. Shake your can well and watch each layer of paint to ensure that you are laying down an even amount of paint across your pumpkin surface.

Raw Pumpkin for Decorative Pumpkin Painted Pumpkin for Decorative Pumpkin

Next we want to make a few of our leaves different colors Then take your leave and spray paint them different colors. We wanted to add a little razzle-dazzle to our leaves so we chose a gold as one of our paints.

Preparing Leaves for Decorative Pumpkin Painted Leaves for Decorative Pumpkin

After the pumpkin and leaves have dried we can start using our crafting glue and assembling our fall decor. Take your glue and apply it to the leaves then press them onto your pumpkin in any pattern your heart desires!

Decorative Pumpkin Leaf Hot Gluing Decorative Pumpkin Hot Gluing Leaves to Pumpkin

Allow the glue to cool and you have a brand new piece of modern fall decor for Thanksgiving guests to swoon over.

Completed Decorative Pumpkin

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