How to Make a Tea Light Snowman

Winter will be here for awhile, so why not embrace the season with adorable cold weather accents. These small snowmen are perfect to keep in a decorative bowl or hide in a floral arrangement. It might be cold outside, but we have our hot glue and crafts to keep us warm!

Things you will need:

  • LED tea light (white)
  • Surebonder High Temp Detail Mini Glue Gun
  • Surebonder glue sticks (clear)
  • Felt
  • Surebonder Glitter Stix
  • Birthday candle
  • Black marker
  • Scissors

First, we need to cut a scarf and hat out of the felt. It’s important to keep the proportions right so place the tea light on the felt and make small marks with the candle to cut the hat. Believe it or not a little wax from an old candle works perfectly for this! Once the hat is done you can either mark a line or for the scarf or just cut a line down the longest edge of the felt.


Once we have our accessories cut out, it’s time to dress up our tea light and make him a snowman!

Anytime when working with a battery operated item we want to first test that the tab is pulled or the  battery is good to go. We don’t want to start making these boring tea lights into snowman if they can’t light up.


Looks good to us!

Place a line of hot glue across the middle on the bottom of the hat, then place the hat on the front and top portion of the tea light.

Next place glue around the outer edge of the tea light and place the scarf around it, pushing down on the areas where the glue was placed and tie the felt on the bottom so it looks like a tie in the scarf.

After our snowman is dressed add a dot of glue for each eye and place the sequins. We thought a marker was a bit easier to make him smile but you can always add some felt if you want a different texture.

Here comes the fun part!

Get your Surebonder Glitter Stix out! If you haven’t seen these yet you can find them in a list of stores on our site. 
If you love glitter but hate the mess, these glitter stix are perfect for projects. It makes it easy to give anything a little sparkle in a snap!

Lastly, we will use our silver and add a line on our snowman's hat and scarf to jazz him up. When changing glue stick color, be sure to push out any residual glue from the last color used before starting to craft with the new color.


Once the glue is dry you can place these cutie pies anywhere and everywhere!

If you loved this easy craft, let us know! We love to here from our fellow craftsters! 


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