How To Make a Unicorn Bookmark

December 29, 2017

How To Make a Unicorn Bookmark

Some days all you want to do is visit a magical land and pretend to be a unicorn so no one bothers you. Whether it's work, kids, pets or all of the above; a good book can land you in the perfect place at the perfect time. Before you get wrapped up in a story, make sure you have a way to mark your place that will create as much magic as the story you're reading. With a few craft ideas from Pinterest and our Cray-Pen, we'll show you how we created a Unicorn Bookmark.

Things you need:

- craft stick
- Surebonder detail glue gun
- Surebonder glue sticks
- Cray-Pen
- Cray-Pen 32 Color Palette Wax Pucks
- thick white paper
- scissors
- marker (optional- if you want to write your name on the back)

If you are new to the Cray-Pen, it is a detailed tool, but provides fun texture on whatever you are painting. It takes a little practice and patience, but the end results are always amazing. The tool allows you to paint with wax to create works of art unlike anything you may have used before. It is also a great alternative to use in a coloring book.

First, use your Cray-Pen to cover the craft stick with white wax, leaving enough room empty at the top for the unicorn mane. Take your time as this is not a fast process. Try to add the wax in different ways to create any pattern you would like.

Unicorn bookmark 1

Before changing colors, always use the Clean Out Wax to remove the prior color. If you still have a little residual color left don't worry - you can easily cover it with additional wax. There are a few ways to work with it. We have found that allowing to deposit the cleaning wax on a separate piece of paper and wiping the tip can further prevent colors from mixing. 

Choose any color you would like for the unicorn mane just be sure to alternate colors and create a multicolored pattern. 

Unicorn bookmark 2

 The trick to create the eyes is to only dip the side of Cray-Pen nozzle into the wax. You only want a little wax on the nozzle to create a detailed eyelid with a few lashes. If you are a little nervous about this part you can practice on a separate sheet of paper to get the technique right. 

Unicorn bookmark 3

Next, fold your thick paper in half and cut a medium triangle out of the corner. This will be perfect for your unicorn ears. Take a dab of hot glue and place it on on end of the paper and press behind the upper portion of the unicorns head. Once both ears are in place, you can either leave them white or use some melted wax  for the inner ears. If you add too much, have no fear! Just remember you can cover that up with more wax to fix it. 

Unicorn bookmark 4

A unicorn is not a unicorn without a horn! Cut a long triangle out of your thick paper in proportion to your unicorn. Continue with your melted wax art and paint the horn. We choose two colors but you can use any color or pattern your inner unicorn desires! 

After the wax has cooled just place a dab of glue on the top of your unicorn's head and place the horn. You can also reinforce the horn by adding a little hot glue to the back of the horn where the paper meets the top of the craft stick. 

Lets face it, unicorns are awesome. Now that you have a unicorn bookmark we hope that all of your magical dreams come true! 



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