Re-purposing a Christmas Ornament

December 18, 2017

Re-purposing a Christmas Ornament

Christmas bulbs can be beautiful on a tree but once their color fades or gets scratched they can be unsightly. Even though your once dazzling holiday ornament is not so dazzling anymore you can still create something amazing with it. Winter is the perfect time for DIY hot glue gun crafts and recycling those blemished bulbs by making them into adorable teddy bears.

What you will need:

-Old Christmas bulb(s) (plastic)
- Poms (1-large, 4-Medium, 4 small)
- Surebonder Specialty Detail Hot Glue Gun
- Surebonder glue sticks
- Colored felt 
- Sequins

What you need

The first thing we need to do is take the piece off the bulb that you normally would put the hook on to hang it. By taking this piece off, it creates  little less bulk between the ornament and the pom. Some may use this point as the tail as it can help hold your teddy up. However, we felt it was a bit better to cover the open area with the large pom to ensure the entire piece is completely covered and invisible.  

Bear 1  

Just take a good amount of adhesive to the area covering the hole and the surrounding area. This will prevent moisture and dust from getting into the bulb. After you apply enough glue place the largest Pom on top and allow to cool. Once the head is adhered to the bulb, glue a small pom on the face to create the snout of the bear. Then you are able to glue two small poms on top of the head to create ears.                                                         

Our teddy bear now needs arms and legs so have your medium size poms ready. The feet needs to look like feet so glue those more towards the bottom. Place a large dot of glue on the side of the bulb and place a medium pom to adhere to the spot.                                       

Now to give our teddy bear arms, we need to place the last two medium poms below the above, but towards the upper part of the bulb. Place large dot of hot glue and place your poms, then allow them to cool.  Next glue two small poms as ears and add one small one for a nose.Once they are cool we can finally give him a puffy tail!

 The tail of our teddy bear will help keep him upright so we need to place that pom just right. Sit your bulb on the table just as you would want your teddy bear to sit and mark where the small pom prop him up and be touching the table surface at the same time.



Lastly, glue sequins to the head to give the teddy bear eyes and cut out a small piece of felt and use to glue on the snout for the nose.

Teddy 3


Ta-Da! Your teddy bear is now complete! You can jazz him up with a cute ribbon around his neck or make a girl teddy bear and glue a bow near one ear.

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