Spring Crafts: How to Make a Floral Swag With Hot Glue

April 04, 2018

Spring Crafts: How to Make a Floral Swag With Hot Glue

It’s time to break out the floral projects and get ready for a new season. Adding some new colors to your home decor can be just the thing you need to break out of the winter blues. Grab some silk flowers and your trusty Surebonder glue gun and get started on your DIY floral arrangements.

 Things you need:

  • Ribbon
  • Silk flowers
  • Long nose pliers
  • Wire cutter
  • Floral tape
  • Surebonder dual temp hot glue gun
  • Surebonder clear glue sticks

The first thing to do in this craft project is create the bow for your floral swag. We chose our DT-360F Dual Temperature glue gun for this project. The ribbon we have is burlap, which can melt easily with enough hot glue. We used enough glue to keep some points together. We suggest using your glue gun at a low temp to reduce any damage done on your ribbons. Depending on the material, some ribbons will hold up better to the hot glue than others.

This swag design was influenced by country fields filled with lavender so we tied our bow loosely to give it a relaxed feel. We also left tails of the bow as long as the entire swag. Once the bow is completed, set it aside.


Grab your silk flowers and arrange them how you would like to see them together. We chose a larger lavender to be our solid base that we can glue additional flowers to. Use your wire cutters to trim stems of any flowers that may be too long. When you are happy with your arrangement, choose a point at the base where you can add some hot glue to help hold them together. Be sure that your adhesive is cool before moving on to the loop.

At this point, past the point of your hot glue, start to bend your stems together to create a loop. This will now form the top of your floral swag. Bending the stems prior to taping them together with the floral tape will help keep your floral tape tight. Be sure to tape them together at the end to close the loop.

floral-tape country-craft

Now take the bow you created earlier and glue it on the bottom of the loop. Allow to cool.

In a short time, you will have a beautiful new piece of DIY home decor. Have any questions or comments? Add them below, we would love to hear from you! Stay tuned for more craft inspiration ideas coming soon.


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