Round Silicone Glue Pad - 4" Diameter (6104)


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Crafters appreciate how this compact - 4" diameter, affordably priced table mat makes clean-up after crafting so effortless. Stop struggling with messy stickable newspaper to protect your work surface and instead toss down this easily removable tool.

Product Features:

• At 2 millimeters of thickness, this compact mat lightly grips your work surface to protect it from dripping glue as you use your glue gun

• The non-stick, heat-resistant surface allows you to easily peel off dried glue for recycling or use the pad for tracing projects

• Makes clean-up after glue gun use a non-issue

• Bright green color makes glue drips easily visible

• 4" round diameter is perfect for small and portable workspaces

SKU: 6104