Grace Monroe Home Special Edition Glue Skillet Bundle


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Surebonder's Adjustable Temp Electric Glue Skillet is now available in PINK! We teamed up with Grace Monroe Home, an extraordinary floral design team to bring you a complete glue skillet kit ready to tackle any craft or household project that would be made easier by directly dipping elements into melted glue. This convenient kit includes: 1 Grace Monroe Home Special Edition Glue Skillet, 2 Non-Stick Teflon Stir Sticks, 1 - 1lb. Bag of Skillet Glue Pellets, and 1 Pink 19" x 19" Glue Pad. The glue skillet speeds up projects that might otherwise be time-consuming — simply dip components into the inch-deep pool of glue before putting them in place. Great for home decor, wreaths, and other floral work. Get yours today while supplies last! The Glue Skillet size is 8 x 7 x 4 inches. 

Product Features:

• NEW COLOR AND STIR STICKS! - Surebonder has teamed up with Grace Monroe Home to create a vibrant pink glue skillet that now includes 2 Teflon stir sticks. At 8" long, these stir sticks are perfect for assisting with placing craft materials onto projects, placing glue onto a project, or crafting material. It is ideal for stirring the melted glue in a glue skillet and can also be used for non-skillet projects like rolling paper for making paper flowers.
• GREAT FOR FLORAL PROJECTS - This is an ideal tool for use with floral supplies as they can be dipped into the melted skillet glue and placed wherever without the cumbersome task of using a glue gun to glue each piece of material.
• BUNDLE & SAVE 14% - Includes: 1 Grace Monroe Home Pink Glue Skillet, 2 Black Non-Stick Teflon Stir Sticks, 1-1lb. Bag of Glue Skillet Pellets, and 1 Pink 19" x 19" Glue Pad.
• SKILLET FEATURES - Lighted on/off switch so you always know whether it's on or off, an adjustable temperature dial that has a heat range from 220°F to 400°F, the heating area is 1" deep for melted glue which provides ample space for dipping items into melted glue pellets.
• SKILLET GLUE PELLETS - Formulated to string-less, skillet glue provides a strong and reliable bond for many types of materials. 1 - 1 lb. Bag will approximately finish 1-2 floral projects.
• LARGE SILICONE GLUE PAD - Keep your work surface clean with this 100% silicone mat, dried glue peels right off and paints easily wash off. The mat is 19" x 19" in size, and features embossed rulers along the bottom and right side for getting accurate measurements on the fly. At 2 millimeters thick the mat also protects your work surface from extreme heat.


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