Limited Edition Pink Large Silicone Non-Stick Glue Pad 19" x 19"


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Get yours today while supplies last! The large Surebonder 19"x19" silicone glue mat is now available in a new fabulous limited edition pink color that will be sure to look great in any craft room. The flat smooth surface is ideal for soft or delicate work while still being heat resistant to protect surfaces. A 16" ruler is embossed along the bottom and the right side of the mat to assist with precise measurements. Hot glue and acrylic paint can be easily removed, along with keeping materials and mess in one place for easy cleanup. Stop struggling with messy stickable newspaper to protect your work surface and instead toss down this easily removable reliable glue mat.

Product Features:

• At 2 millimeters of thickness, this oversize sized mat lightly grips your work surface to protect it from dripping glue as you use your glue gun

• 16" ruler embossed on bottom and right side for convenience

• The non-stick, heat-resistant surface allows you to easily peel off dried glue for recycling or use the pad for tracing projects

• Makes clean-up after glue gun use a non-issue

• NEW Limited Edition Pink color is bright and trendy!

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