Ultra Series 100 Watt Dual Temperature Full Size Hot Glue Gun with Auto Shut-Off


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The DT-3100F is a top of the line glue gun in our Ultra Series. The higher wattage will provide you with more glue output and less heating time. This dual temp glue gun is great for larger projects and still provides you the security of our auto shut off technology that turns off the glue gun after 30 minutes of non-use. Use with full size glue roll or full size glue sticks. 

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Product Features:

• FULL-SIZE - This Ultra Series full-size glue gun is packed full of power for small, medium, and large-size craft and DIY projects. For use only with full-size (0.43") glue sticks.

• POWER - This Ultra Series 100-watt tool creates 2X the power of an average full-size glue gun. This allows for the continuous output glue for demanding projects.

• DUAL TEMPERATURE CAPABILITY - Ideal for projects/materials that require either high or low-temperature bonding, simply switch the temperature control knob to the desired temperature setting (H or L) and glue away. This allows for more versatile use in various applications such as using hot glue on fabric, wood, ribbon, lace, leather, plastic, and more!

• PEACE OF MIND - Integrated auto-shutoff technology that turns off the glue gun after 30 minutes of the trigger not being pulled, foldable kickstand, nozzle insulator, and side vents that prevent glue back up when the gun is laid flat.

• EASY TO USE - Pick up an enjoyable gluing experience with this lightweight glue gun that features an ergonomic rubber trigger for maximum comfort and efficiency.

• INTERCHANGEABLE NOZZLES - This glue gun has the ability to use different style nozzles that are offered in our interchangeable nozzle pack (part # 6003).

SKU: DT-3100F