Cordless/Corded Full Size Glue Gun - High Temperature 60 Watt (Specialty Series CL-800F)


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Fans of this high-temp model marvel at how it can effectively fuse such a wide variety of surfaces, from porous fabric to densely made plastic. Its cordless capacity, ergonomic design, and extra safety features allow you to focus on your project without distraction. To use cordless, use the base as a heater/gun holder between applications or simply plug the cord into the base for continuous use. Easy and convenient for either simple fixes or long, detail-oriented projects. Size is 11.9 x 8.5 x 3.2. Use with standard 7/16 diameter glue sticks in 4-inch or 10-inch lengths.

Product Features:

• CORDLESS/CORDED CAPABILITY - This 60-watt glue gun can be used cordless for up to 3 minutes. Simply plug the power cord into the heating base and place the glue gun on the heating stand. Please allow 5 minutes for the initial heat up. Once heated, you are free to lift the glue gun off of the heating base and enjoy cordless use for up to 3 minutes. In between uses, be sure to place the glue gun back onto the heating stand so that the glue gun can remain at operating temperature. If the power cord is plugged in directly into the bottom of the glue gun, it will function as a traditional glue gun in terms of its ability to be used indefinitely.

• TEMPERATURE- Thanks to an internal 60-watt PTC heater, the glue gun can reach its operating temperature of 380°F for optimal bonding with metal, wood, ceramics, and other porous and non-porous materials.

• SAFETY - Includes an internal safety fuse, insulated nozzle, and side fins that prevent glue from backflow when the glue gun is placed on its side.

• GLUE PAD INCLUDED - A built-in non-stick glue pad is connected to the heating stand so that it sits right under the nozzle of the glue gun. The purpose of this silicone glue pad is to catch any drippings that may come from the glue gun. This keeps your workstation free of unwanted drips of glue that are a pain to remove. Once dry, the glue dripping can be easily peeled off of the green pad making clean-up easier than ever.

• SAFETY: includes an internal safety fuse; insulated nozzle; and side fins that prevent glue from flowing backing up when the gun is laid down