Clear Hot Glue Sticks For High & Low Temperatures, Mini Size 4" - 50 pack (DT-50M4)


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Not too many nor too few, includes 50 Mini Size glue sticks. Popular with do-it-yourselfers of all kinds, these consistently well-reviewed adhesives are versatile enough to secure delicate materials such as balloons, ribbon, lace or children's crafts at lower temps, and stronger woods and metals at higher temps. Easy to install, handle and clean up. Dried color ranges from clear to milky white. Clear color with 45-60 second working time. 5/16 -Inch diameter by 4-Inch length.

Product Features:

• Contains 50 made-in-the-USA mini glue sticks for bonding delicate-to-hardy materials including metal, wood, paper, fabric, magnets, ceramics, floral arrangements, glass and plastic

• Ideal for dual temp projects requiring glue temperatures of 230 degrees F to 380 degrees F
Dries clear to cloudy white in 45 to 60 seconds

• Four-inch length with 5/16-inch diameter works well in low- or high-temperature mini glue guns

• Provides excellent glue flow with solid adhesion

SKU: DT-50M4