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Meet Annie from Indie-Annie Jones she is our featured maker for August 2021!
Meet Annie from Indie-Annie Jones


I started crafting at an early age.  Both my parents were Cuban refugees and were very resourceful in creating a beautiful life.  My mom and grandmother taught me to sew and knit at the age of 7 and I always loved creating costumes.  I started my YouTube channel around 5 years ago as I had just started as an Independent actress (hence the name Indie-Annie Jones.)  I saw YouTube as a great way for me to combine what I love together; acting & crafting.  I started my channel by creating parodies of film and shows and crafting at the same time.  It was a truly original concept as it had really not seen anyone else mash together film and crafting.  I really enjoyed creating costumes, set designs, and casting actors to play the various roles.  From Harry Potter to Hocus Pocus to Aliens, I loved creating film-driven content.  Most recently, however, I am focusing more on the crafting itself and you can hear in my videos my little Surebonder jingle..and I still want to create a Surebonder / James Bond mash-up someday soon!


1. In one sentence describe what it is you create/craft:

I love to make everything that inspires me, whimsical, shabby chic, vintage, movie-inspired just whatever makes me dream and create!


2. What is your favorite Surebonder product:

I love my Surebonder cordless glue gun.  I was introduced to Surebonder this past year.  During the initial pandemic shutdown, I decided to go live every night on my YouTube channel to create a collaborative community and entertain while I craft.  During one of my live crafting sessions not one, but two of my glue guns stopped working mid craft! I literally had to use a glue stick and a lighter (which I do not advise) just to finish the episode.  I immediately ordered my Surebonder glue gun from amazon based on reviews and suggestions from other crafters.  Since day one, I fell in love with the Surebonder glue gun!  I am notorious for killing my glue guns;  dropping them, leaving them on for hours, and Surebonder has survived my treatment for over a year - the longest I have ever kept a glue gun that didn't break!  I am always promoting Surebonder in my videos because I rely on my glue gun to work every time and I have been so happy with the glue gun I sing when I use it!


3. What craft have you always wanted to try: 

I would love to try out the fabric glue sticks as I use my glue gun for costume making.  I want to learn how to use EVA foam for advanced costume making too.


4. What inspires you:

LIfe!  As I say in my slogan live the adventure, just recognizing that we are privileged and blessed with life and to me, that means being creative and sharing my creativity with others.  Beyond that, I am always inspired by stories and movies, fashion, art, and other I said life is truly a fountain of inspiration!


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craft project 1
Cruella Deville inspired jacket
with finished photo
craft project 2
Bellatrix Lestrange Floating potions bottle and cauldron
the flowing potion was made with Surebonder glue and PlaidFX neon green paint
craft project 3
Enchanted Mermaid Book - mid craft
craft project 4
Enchanted Mermaid Book