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Meet Edna from Edna's Krafts she is our featured maker for May 2022!
Edna from Edna's Krafts


Hello my name is Edna and since I was a child I loved creating crafts. During my college career I began to experience this world of modern crafts. When I finished college, I had already created a business around my hobby. After a few years I decided to change the focus of my business for health reasons. So now I’m teaching in Spanish how to create a craft business to make money from home.


In one sentence describe...

1. What it is you create/craft:

I love making scrapbooks and 3D paper crafts for themed birthday parties


2. What is your favorite Surebonder product:

3. What craft have you always wanted to try: 

Macrame projects


4. What inspires you:

My family is my motivation but I always get inspired by a good smell, like of the beach or fresh mint in the air and bossa nova playing in the background.


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53 fatty craft project 1 made by Edna's Krafts
Mateo space ship craft project 2 made by Edna's Krafts
at sea craft project 3 made by Edna's Krafts
princess wagon craft project 4 made by Edna's Krafts