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Meet Gizelle from Love, Gizelle she is our featured maker for December 2021!
Gizelle from Love, Gizelle


My name is Gizelle Sanchez. I was born and raised in Miami, FL, where I was a teacher for many years. Being visually disabled, I was still able to live a normal life with the support system I had there. Then I moved to Saint Augustine with my boyfriend of eight years, so he could pursue a career in firefighting for St. John’s County. We moved away from all of our family and friends, which was difficult. Without the same support system I had in Miami, I have had to find work I could do from home. This is when my very crafty mother showed me how she makes pillows, using Surebonder products. She inspired me to start crafting them myself, and encouraged me to launch an online craft store selling them. It’s been an exciting few weeks getting my website and social media ready to launch, and I’m excited to finally be open for business. 


In one sentence describe...

1. What it is you create/craft:

I handcraft decorative pillows.


2. What is your favorite Surebonder product:

My favorite product is the high temperature mini glue gun, because it melts fabric glue to the perfect temperature where it is easy to work with and bonds perfectly to the material when it dries.


3. What craft have you always wanted to try: 

I love working with fabric, so in the future I would like to try my hand at making small handbags.


4. What inspires you:

My mother’s ability to craft, and turn anything into something useful and beautiful, is what inspired me to start crafting and launch my own online craft store.


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