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Meet Lacia from Four Thirteen Design, LLC, she is our featured maker for October 2022!
Lecia from Four Thirteen Design, LLC


Hi! I'm Lecia, the Inspired Wreath Creator and Owner of Four Thirteen Design. I'm an Indiana native with a hubby and two teenagers. I have always been a crafty person, but around 8 years ago I accidentally happened upon some clearance deco mesh, purchased it, researched what it was used for and the rest is history. I always say wreath-making found me! During the past 8 years, I have worked to hone my craft, and learn multiple techniques, not only using mesh but also florals and most recently wooden door hangers. I'm a life-long student who will continue to learn new things to make my craft the best it can be! I have officially been in business for 3 years now, and I absolutely love it!


In one sentence describe...

1. What it is you create/craft:

I create floral/grapevine, deco mesh and wooden door hanger wreaths year-round so that you never have to have a naked door!


2. What is your favorite Surebonder product:

My favorite Surebonder product is the Glue Skillet! Although my Surebonder Glue Gun is great, the Glue Skillet makes crafting with florals SO MUCH easier!


3. What craft have you always wanted to try: 

I am very intrigued by resin art.


4. What inspires you:

In my craft, I am very inspired by my community, and especially by naked doors (doors without wreaths)! We live in a very cookie-cutter society, and having a unique wreath on your door is a great way to stand out!


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Cheer Ribbons made by Lecia
Door Flora and Deco Mesh Wreaths by Lecia