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Meet Tre from ShowStopper Designs she is our featured maker for October 2021!
Meet Tre from ShowStopper Designs


ShowStopper Designs ~ Where Home Décor is Centerstage! Excited to have turned my educated passion of Interior Design into a small business! 
With a BFA in Interior Design, I enjoy designing on a daily basis. Each and every project is designed with a unique twist. A lot of creative thought goes into my quality designs, whether it’s textures / patterns / colors / wired ribbon / embellishments / signage... you name it. These designs all come together by mixing these elements which makes each completely unique ~ a one of a kind… a real ShowStopper Designs.
I'm excited about creating custom home decor designs for just about anything from holidays, personal celebrations and even everyday.


In one sentence describe...

1. What it is you create/craft:

Home Decor: from Wreaths, Swags, Garlands, Centerpiece, Arrangements, Display Areas, Staging, Holiday Decorated Trees, etc.


2. What is your favorite Surebonder product:

3. What craft have you always wanted to try: 



4. What inspires you:

What inspires me, are other designers that think outside the box, by taking their art to another level, which in turn catapults my designs from start to finish.


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