15030C Light Staples and Insulators - 60 Staples and 30 Insulators, 5 Pack


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Surebonder Light Tacker Staples and Plastic Insulators fit the Surebonder Light Tacker #5540HOL. These are ideal for hanging holiday lights and garland outdoors/indoors. Its unique staple design will not damage wires or lights. Plastic insulators keep wires from rubbing against the staples. It can also be used to tack down computer wires and cables. The pack includes 300 staples and 150 insulators. Each pack hangs approximately 500 feet of holiday lights/garland. For use in Light Tacker #5540HOL. Will also work in Surebonder Cable/Wire Tackers #5540 and #5545.

Product Features:

• Holiday light and garland staples

• 60 staples and 30 insulators

• Each pack hangs up to 100 feet of lights/garland

• For use with Surebonoder 5540 and 5540HOL

• 300 staples and 150 insulators total

SKU: 15030C-5