SPRAY-500 Motorized 500 Watt Hot Melt Spray Glue Gun


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The Spray-500 glue gun has the power, speed, and control to get big jobs done in less time. With an output of 8 lbs of hot melt per hour, large areas get coverage quickly. This tool is suitable for heat-sensitive materials and large coverage areas and is essential for a variety of applications, including insulation, cubicles, case inserts, rug backings, upholstery, headliners, packaging, and more. The adjustable air pressure knob controls spray from wide to narrow, with two nozzles that dispense either a solid bead or a spray. When compared to bulk hot melt adhesive applicators, there is no waste when powering down the unit, simply heat the gun back up and continue to spray. Our spray hot melt has no shelf life, is safe to use, and is solvent free. 

Product Features:

• Motorized gun has output of 8 lbs of hot melt per hour
• Ideal for jobs with large coverage areas, suitable for increasing bond strength on heat-sensitive materials such as packaging foams and films
• Uses 5/8" diameter glue sticks. For spray applications use the following products: Q-425-15 or Q-930-15
• 500 watts, 120 volts