Cosplay Black Hot Glue Sticks For High & Low Temperatures, Full Size 10" - 20 Pack


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Designed with the Prop Maker and Cosplayer in mind, our Cosplay Stik™ is formulated to create an industrial strength bond for working with materials such as EVA foam, thermoplastics, and more. With a softening point of 190ºF, it will hold up to the heat and wear of long days. The Cosplay Stik™ comes in three different colors (amber, black, and silver) so whether you're using it to embellish or to glue it will blend seamlessly with your design and work in tandem with your painting and priming colors. You put the creativity into your build, trust the Cosplay Stik™ to keep it all together.

Product Features:

• APPLICATIONS: Specially formulated for Cosplay and Prop making materials such as EVA foam, thermoplastics, fabric, leather, and more.

• DURABLE: Designed with a higher softening point than traditional glue sticks it stands up to the heat and wear of long days.

• HIGH TEMPERATURE: Glue sticks should be used in high-temperature glue guns for the best bond.

• WORKING TIME: Features a 25 second working time allowing for readjustment after immediate application.

•DIMENSIONS: Each package includes 20 silver glue sticks that are 7/16-inch diameter, 10-inch in length, and made in the USA.

SKU: COS-2010B