Crafters Creativity Kit, Hot Glue Gun, Surebonder H-195F Detail Tip Glue Gun with 73 Sticks, Clear, Color and Glitter


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This crafter’s creativity kit includes crafter’s favorite Surebonder products; the Detail Tip Mini Glue Gun along with 24 vibrant color glue sticks and 24 sparkly glitter colors. This kit is a perfect addition to your crafting toolkit! Features an extended tip for accurate detailed work as well as a lighted power light, insulated nozzle, detachable auxiliary stand and a safety fuse for enhanced protection. The use of high temperature creates a better bond with paper, fabric, wood, plastic, metal, ceramics and more. The glue sticks work with either high or low temperature glue guns that take a mini sized glue stick, 5/16-inch in diameter.

Product Features:

• Includes the best-selling H-195F detail tip mini glue gun, the detail tip allows for precise glue placement and flow for accurate and detailed work. A MUST HAVE for every crafter’s toolkit

• Unleash your creativity with our color, glitter and all-purpose mini glue sticks, 5/16” diameter, 4” length! 24 Vibrant colors (green, pink, blue, black, and white) and 24 shimmery glitters (red, blue, green, opal, silver and gold) to inspire your creativity.

• Surebonder glue guns have built-in safety features such as an insulated nozzle and a fuse for peace of mind while the retractable stand makes it easy to work with and stand up on your table when not in use.

• 20W, 120 Volts mini glue gun. Uses high or dual temperature glue sticks, 5/16” diameter by 4” or 10” length

• Great for all DIY, arts/crafts, home projects, home repair, Electronics, Dioramas, Models, Toy Repair, Wood Bonding and more. High quality build and materials will make this glue gun last and serve your project needs long into the future.