Grace Monroe Home Special Edition Adjustable Temperature Glue Skillet with Stir Sticks


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We teamed up with Grace Monroe Home, an extraordinary floral design mother-daughter team to bring you the Surebonder's Adjustable Temp Electric Glue Skillet in this Limited Special Edition fabulous PINK color! Plus your purchase will also include a pair of stir sticks; a new product, perfect for strring your skillet glue, assisting with glue placement, placing materials on your project, and so much more. The glue skillet speeds up projects that might otherwise be time-consuming — simply dip components into the 1 inch-deep pool of glue before putting them in place. Great for home decor, wreaths, and other floral work. Skillet size is 8 x 7 x 4-inch. Make sure to use with Surebonder B-2001 pellets, they are formulated to string less. Supplies are limited so don't wait, get yours today! 

Product Features:

• NEW COLOR AND STIR STICKS! - Surebonder has partnered with Grace Monroe Home to create a vibrant pink glue skillet that now includes 2 Teflon stir sticks. Being 8" Long, these stir sticks are perfect for assisting with placing craft materials onto projects, placing glue onto a project, or crafting material. It is ideal for stirring the melted glue in the skillet and can be used to roll paper for making paper flowers.
• GREAT FOR FLORAL PROJECTS - This is an ideal tool for use with floral supplies as they can be dipped into the melted skillet glue and placed wherever without the cumbersome task of using a glue gun to glue each piece of material.
• ADJUSTABLE TEMPERATURE - Our glue skillet can reach a wide range of temperatures by adjusting the dial from 220°F to 400°F, making it perfect for use with a wide variety of materials.
• LIGHTED ON/OFF SWITCH - The light next to the power switch allows you to easily see when your electric glue skillet is on or off.
• SAVES TIME - Use over and over without cleaning by simply turning on the glue skillet and letting the leftover dried glue remelt once the glue skillet gets hot.
• COMPACT SIZE AND ONE INCH GLUE DEPTH - The compact size makes it easy to store in any home, craft room, office, or classroom setting. It also features a one-inch deep area for glue to pool, this provides ample space for dipping items into melted glue pellets.

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