Mini Fine Tip Hot Glue Gun, High Temperature 20 Watt (Specialty Series H-195F)


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Meet the original detail tip glue gun, one of Surebonder's most popular products. Packed full of features, this high-temperature glue gun ensures the strongest bond. Along with the extended detail tip, this glue gun also features side fins that allow the user to lay the glue gun safely on its side so it is at the perfect angle which helps to prevent glue backup. It is equipped with an ON/OFF switch, insulated nozzle cover, and a safety fuse for in the rare event of a short, the glue gun will turn off. For best results, pair with Surebonder’s mini-size glue sticks, 5/16-inch diameter by 4 or 10-inch length. The overall size is 5 x 1.8 x 7-inches.

Product Features:

• EXTENDED DETAIL TIP - This 20-watt small-scale tool is engineered with an extended fine-detail tip for projects that require precision work.

• HIGH-TEMPERATURE - Glue guns that operate at high temperatures effectively bond materials ranging from paper, florals, and fabric to wood, glass, plastic, and metal.

• PACKED WITH SAFETY FEATURES - Insulated nozzle cover to help safeguard the user from burns, ON/OFF switch, side fins to help prevent glue backup, an internal safety fuse, and a cord protector.

• CORDED GLUE GUN - A 5ft power cord is included; no batteries are required.

SKU: H-195F