Heavy-Duty Triggerfire Cable Tacker Secures Low Voltage Coax/Ethernet Cable-UL Listed Insulated Staples Included


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Surebonder Triggerfire Cable Tacker, the World's first trigger activated staple gun, will safely secure various types of low voltage wire/cable such as RG6, RG59, Cat-5, telephone wire, speaker wire, thermostat wire, rope and more. Steel construction and a chrome finish which resists wear and tear. The tacker features front and back staple guides, an adjustable depth drive, drop-in loading and a jam resistant mechanism, ensuring perfect, consistent stapling. Insulated, UL listed fasteners will not crimp when using this tacker. The tool will fasten any low voltage wire up to 5/16 in. Dia (8 mm). You will be pleased at the ease of using this tacker, select the trigger mode on the mode selector, squeeze the handle to load the staple, position the tacker onto your work surface/over the wire/cable using the guides and squeeze the trigger to set the staple. Install one fastener every 12 in. Switching the mode indicator to Normal will allow traditional stapling. For use with Surebonder #19 UL Listed Insulated Cable Staples 1414C, 516516C, 516516BL, 14516C, 14516BL and Arrow T59 type staples. With this purchase you receive one retail package of the Surebonder #19 1414C, 516516C, 516516BL, 14516C and 14516BL. Each retail package contains 300 insulated cable staples.

Product Features:

• Fastens low voltage wire up to 5/16 in. Dia (8 mm)
• Chrome finish resists wear and tear
• Front and back staple guides for precise stapling
• Jam resistant mechanism prevents staples from getting stuck

SKU: 5659KIT