Mini Detail Tip Hot Glue Pen 10 Watt


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The Surebonder Mini Hot Glue Pen is the newest addition to the Surebonder Specialty Series. Featuring our signature detail tip nozzle and combining that with a pressure-sensitive, finger-operated trigger, you can expect maximum precision from this mini hot glue pen. For best results use Surebonder mini size glue sticks available in 4" or 10" lengths or try a 5-foot mini size glue roll.

Product Features:

• DETAIL TIP - Expect maximum precision with Surebonder's signature detail tip at the end of the nozzle. Perfect for any project that requires attention to detail.

• SAFETY FEATURES - A safety fuse is included in this glue pen to protect the user in the event of an electrical current overload. Side fins are also included to allow the glue pen to lay safely on its side, preventing glue backflow. The green insulated nozzle at the tip of the glue gun protects the user from burning themselves when the glue pen is hot.

• COMPATIBILITY - This glue pen works best with Surebonder mini-size 5/16-inch glue sticks.

• POWER - A 10-watt internal heater powers this glue pen allowing it to reach the high temperature of 380°F. This glue pen is powered by a 5ft long, AC power cord

SKU: GP-100F