Plus Series DT-200F Mini Dual Temperature Hot Glue Gun


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In our Plus Series we have also included a 20 watt dual temp mini glue gun for the times you need a little bit of everything in your glue gun. Features include a high and low switch to give you more options. The high temp is best for bonding tougher materials such as metal or plastic and the low temp is ideal for bonding fragile material such as lace or ribbon. 

Product Features:

• MINI-SIZE - This Ultra Series mini-size glue gun is packed full of power for small to medium size craft and DIY projects. For use only with mini-size (0.27") glue sticks.

• DUAL TEMPERATURE CAPABILITY - Ideal for projects/materials that require either high or low-temperature bonding, simply switch the temperature control knob to the desired temperature setting (H or L) and glue away. This allows for effective use in various applications such as using hot glue on fabric, wood, ribbon, lace, leather, plastic, and more!

• HIGH-TEMPERATURE - The 10-watt internal heater is always in the high-temperature mode which is recommended for the bonding of metal, wood, plastics, ceramics, and other porous and non-porous materials. The higher the temperature the better the bond.

• SAFETY - A safety fuse is included for enhanced protection in the case of electrical shorts or overloads. A retractable kickstand and side fins are also included to keep the gun upright and avoid backflow.

SKU: DT-200F