Ultimate Creators Kit, Hot Glue Gun, Surebonder CL-195F Cordless Detail Tip Mini Glue Gun with 80 Specialty Glue Sticks


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If your crafting isn’t contained to one medium then this Ultimate Creators Kit is perfect! This kit contains a selection of our best-selling specialty glues as well as the new crafters favorite glue gun the CL-195F. Celebrate the freedom to create with this cordless hot glue gun. Crafts for up to 2 minutes cord-free! Simply return the glue gun to the stand to reheat after each application. There are no batteries to charge or recharge, the magic is all in the stand! Features an extended detail tip for accurate detailed work which allows for precise glue placement and flow for accurate and detailed work. On/Off switch and power indicator light. Safety fuse, shuts the glue gun off automatically in the event of a short. Insulated nozzle safeguards against burns. Side fins allow the glue gun to lay safely on its side, preventing glue back up. The stand also has a built-in non-stick glue pad that helps protect your work surface. Add new glue sticks less frequently with out 10” mini clear sticks, a great all-purpose glue stick perfect for almost every project. Our Jewelry stick is created specifically to ensure a strong bond to gems, beads, shells, etc. The fabric stick is formulated to bond well with the weave of fabrics while staying flexible and machine washable (hang dry only). Add embellishment to your crafts with our vibrant color glue sticks and a little glam with our glitter glue sticks. High quality build and materials will make our glue guns and adhesives last and serve your project needs long into the future.

Product Features:

• Includes crafters favorite cordless/corded detail tip mini glue gun; a MUST HAVE for a crafters toolkit

• Create everything with fabric, jewelry, color, glitter and all-purpose 10” mini glue sticks (5/16” diameter)!

• Surebonder glue guns have built-in safety features such as an insulated nozzle and a fuse. For ease of use it comes with a non-stick silicone pad to protect your table and the charging dock stands neatly on your table when not in use.

• 20W, 120 Volts mini glue gun. Uses high or dual temperature glue sticks, 5/16” diameter by 4” or 10” length

• Great for all DIY, arts/crafts, home projects, home repair, Electronics, Dioramas, Models, Toy Repair, Wood Bonding and more. High quality build and materials will make this glue gun last and serve your project needs long into the future.