DIY Cloud Lamp

Clear lights are great for Christmas and summer, but they can tangle easily. Everyone knows the challenge of trying to untangle a string of lights and a lot of times, it’s easier to get a new set instead of spending countless hours fixing the problem. We have a fun crafty solution that will be a conversation piece and look amazing in a dark room. Take those tangled lights and create a DIY cloud lamp with this hot glue gun craft idea.

What you need:

  • Tangled Christmas lights
  • Poly-Fil sheet
  • 4 Wooden craft sticks
  • Surebonder Wood Stiks
  • String
  • Surebonder Fabric Stiks
  • Surebonder Glue Gun
  • Wire
  • Wire cutters
  • Jewelry wire

Since we already have a tangled string of lights, we just need to make something to hold them. Use Surebonder wood glue sticks to hot glue the wooden craft sticks in the shape of a square. Once dry, place the tangled lights in the wooden square. Make sure the square is placed in the middle of the lights as this will help keep your cloud even when it hangs.



Next, we want to secure the string on the base so the cloud can hang on its own. We tied the string to opposite sides, then used our fabric glue sticks to help secure and bond it to the wooden craft sticks. We choose to use the fabric glue as we wanted it to penetrate into the string deeply to help strengthen the string at those points. Take your trusty hot glue gun and glue the base together then allow to cool.

Place your hanging lights on the poly-fil sheet and cut off any extra At the seam, pull out the top of your string out so that is not accidentally glued inside the cloud. Now it’s time to seal the cloud up. When applying the fabric glue, you will notice it is not clear because our formula has a stronger adhesive ingredient than most glues. Just fold the poly-fil over and you will not be able to see the glue and the seam will not be noticeable. Poly-fill is very forgiving and is great for covering things up.


For the sides we used jewelry wire to sew them up and added a dab of glue to fully secure it in the poly-fil. Before sewing up the sides, be sure to pull the plug for your lights out so you can plug in your cloud lamp when it’s finished.


At this point you have a few choices. You can stop and enjoy your lamp as a fluffy cloud or take it a step further. We decided in honor of thunderstorm season to make this a storm cloud.

We took glitter fabric and cut out a silver lightning bolt and blue glitter rain drops. We took the same jewelry wire we used to close up the side of the cloud to hang the rain drops. Another option is to use fishing line if you want the line to be transparent.  Tie one knot on the end and poke through the poly-fil. You can also add a little fabric glue to help adhere it. 


Since we used old Christmas lights we chose a place in the room where we could hide the cord. Another way to display this piece is on a table stand that has a hook. Even a banana stand if heavy enough will work just fine.

We hope you enjoy your cloud lamp as much as we love ours! If you have additional hot glue ideas on this project or other handmade project ideas be sure you comment below! We would love to hear from you!

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