DIY Garden: How To Make A Garden Stake


Welcome guests to your home with a cheerful DIY garden stake. This project requires quite a few items but the end result is worth it. Your guest will smile as they walk up to your home to greet you.

Things you need:

  • Wooden craft sticks
  • Spray paint
  • Surebonder Triggerfire Staple Gun
  • Surebonder #4 Staples
  • Surebonder Wood Stiks
  • Surebonder H-195 Detail Glue Gun
  • Raised Surface to staple on
  • Long nose Pliers
  • Staple remover (if any mistakes occur)
  • String
  • Scissors
  • Silk flowers
  • Wire cutter

When you first staple your wood together make sure the first staple is on a raised platform just in case your staple legs are too long. If they are too long, take your long nose pliers and bend the legs into place against the back of the stake. If they are not too long then you can easily staple all of the pieces together without worrying about stapling it to your surface.  

First, we need to staple the main structure together. Lay the pieces of your house out and without losing the angle, keep them overlapping and staple them together. We noticed our legs are too long so we just bend them into place with our pliers. Our Triggerfire staple gun makes this project easy with the trigger mode. We can engage the staple, place the staple gun where we need it, then staple the pieces into place. 


We recommend creating your welcome sign before painting to allow the glue to dry. We wrote Welcome using our colored glue sticks. However, you can change up the message any way you prefer.

Choose a color that you are fond of and paint your wooden pieces. If you are using spray paint, we recommend painting outside or in a well ventilated area.

Once the main structure is dry, staple your sign across the bottom part of the roof. You can now staple your main stake to the back of the main structure. To cover the staples on the sign, take a piece of string and hot glue it to the edge. We had one staple that was still visible so we added a small silk flower to cover it up.


Now take your wire cutter and cut down your flowers then hot glue them to the back of the main structure. Add leaves to your flowers then secure them with an additional piece of craft wood. This is just one of the latest crafts to make this season but stay- tuned, we have more coming soon! 


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