3 Ways To Make Jewelry With Hot Glue

We love working with our Color Glue Stiks but if you have noticed, changing colors from one solid color to the next, can take some time and glue. Don’t fret, because this transition is actually a treasure. When different glues melt together they can create gorgeous color combinations that are perfect for everyday accessories. We have three ways you can use this combination in your glue gun crafts.

Hot Glue Earrings & Pin

You can never have too much glitter and the best part about Surebonder Glitter Stiks is that the glitter is contained in the glue and you don’t have to worry about it getting everywhere! To us, that is winning!

When changing colors you will notice that the glue will start to mix the old color with the new. This is the point you want to start to create your accessories and a great glitter glue DIY quick craft. The first way we used our mixed hot melt was to create pretty purple glitter earrings with a matching pin. We previously were used a purple glitter glue and changed to a clear which created a light purple glitter mix we loved! Just squeeze out enough glue to create two round pieces. Try to keep them as close as possible to the same size and allow them to cool. Once the round pieces are cool just add a little hot glue to a plain earring post to set.

For the pin you can either create a matching circle or allow the glue to puddle to create a unique shape. We allowed it to create a unique shape for this for a small pin. After your pool of glue cools just hot glue it to a flat pin mount and you are ready to go.



DIY Hot Glue Necklace

Hot glue necklaces have been all the rage as of late and we decided to take that to a new level. We combined the beauty of a few hot glue hearts with a matching chain to make a unique piece that is guaranteed to get compliments.

In the middle of a project we were ready to switch from a Surebonder Blue Color Stik to a Surebonder Gold Glitter Stik so we chose a gold chain. Lay out a piece of string as straight as you can. Create multiple pools of glue down the string, leaving room in between.  If you are in between the old color glue stick and the new color glue stick, you should get some hearts with one color and some mixed.  When the glue is on the string, slowly pull it down and watch your hearts appear. When you get the type of heart you want, allow it to cool. Once the gold glue is cooled you can peel it off the string and arrange them any way you would like on your chain. From there add a small dab of glue to adhere your heart to your chain. Congrats! You now have a beautiful new necklace!

Hot Glue Hair Pin

For this hair pin we started with a black Surebonder Color Stik and combined it with a green Color Stik. When we say “combined” what we are talking about is the transition period between the two colors. What happens in between the change of colors is the two mix together and can create beautiful pieces of art. This particular piece reminded us of a gorgeous green marble and we couldn’t resist making a hair piece out of it.

We used a standard bobby pin and placed a mini glue stick between it so when we glued on the cooled piece of pooled glue on it would only adhere to one side. We used some green glue to make sure the piece was solid and would be held in place and allowed it to cool. When the glue is cool, just take the glue stick out and you are ready to rock a brand new hair pin!

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