Easy Foam Crafts To Do With Kids

Kids crafts are a lot of fun, but they sure can be messy. We are always testing new ways that our products can be used and we have good news for kids and crafters alike: our Surebonder Tape Runner can provide a great adhesive for your kids to use on their crafts without the mess!

We chose a few crafts that require some help from parents depending on the age of the child because they provide quality time and team work.

Things you Need:

  • Surebonder Tape Runner
  • Colored Foam (yellow, orange, red, brown, green, blue and black)
  • Scissors (For parents use if child is under the age of 3 and children under the age of 6 may need assistance)
  • Surebonder glue gun (optional for kids 14 and older)
  • Clear Glue Sticks (optional for kids 14 and older)

Food Emojis

Two food emojis that we found are shared a lot are tacos and pizza. You can help your kids create these foam food foamojis in a snap.

To create the taco cut out the following pieces from foam.

  • Large circle for the taco shell
  • Red squares for tomatoes
  • Small orange strips for cheese
  • 3 wavy sections green for lettuce
  • 3 wavy sections brown for ground beef

We are only creating the illusion that the taco is stuffed so we don’t need large pieces to be cut out. We will only be having the inner pieces stick out of the shell.

Now, use the Surebonder Tape Runner to bond your taco together. Run a line of tape on the back of your taco shell and place your lettuce.

Next, run the craft adhesive along the edges of the lettuce and place your ground beef on top of it while still allowing it to show when the taco is closed.

Lastly, place your cheese and tomatoes in the empty spaces to fill in your taco. With pieces that small, we suggest putting the adhesive on the pieces then placing them. When your taco is stuffed just run adhesive along the edge of the other side and fold the side up to close your taco.

To create the slice of pizza cut out the following pieces from foam.

  • Large yellow triangle for the base
  • Strip of orange for the crust
  • Red circles for the pepperoni

First, take your yellow triangle base and run a band of adhesive on the larges end and place your orange stripe on it. Press lightly to adhere. Cut any ends off that overhang the base and make your piece of pizza look uniform.


The last thing to do is put a little adhesive on your round pepperoni pieces and place randomly on your slice of pizza.

Note: If your foam is thick- at the end you may want to use some hot glue to secure your taco.

Emotion Emojis 

Since we love to show our fans how to make stuff with glue we choose to create the In Love Foamoji. When creating this one, we will use the yellow, red and black foam.

The first thing we want to do is start cutting out our pieces so the kids can start to assemble the emoji. This emoji has hearts for eyes so to make uniform hearts we first cut out a template from paper. Using the template, we then took our x-acto knife and cut two hearts out of the red foam.

For the base, we want to cut as close to a perfect circle as we can so we found a medium flower pot works great for this. Flipping the flower pot over we cut around it with our x-acto knife. When the yellow circle is cut out, flip your flower pot right side up.Cut out a smaller circle from the black foam, using the base of the flower pot. Cut the small black circle in half and we now have our mouth for the emoji.

We found the easiest way to cut out the tongue is to use the mouth we already cut out. Flip the black half circle upside down. Use your x-acto knife and using your black half circle as a template cut out another shallow half circle in the red foam.

To assemble the emoji start by taking your red shallow half circle foam piece and place it on the bottom of the emoji mouth. Line it up about where the tongue should be and cut off any excess foam.

At this point, Kiids or kids- at- heart can start to assemble the emoji.

Take your Surebonder tape runner and apply some adhesive to the back of the hearts and place on your yellow circle face. Next, apply adhesive to the back of the tongue and place it on the mouth of the emoji. Lastly, add adhesive to the back of the mouth and place on the yellow circle face.

When you are done your foamoji will be smiling back at you! Stay tuned- we have more glue crafts for kids from Surebonder coming to you soon.

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