How To Make a Banner Cake Topper

Baking a cake for any event can bring out your crafty side, but sometimes the decorating part can be stressful-especially if you do not have experience with icing. However, there are hot glue gun crafts that you can make spruce up a cake without making the icing the main focal point. We’ll show you how to make a cake banner that will impress your guests and make a beautiful cake topper.

Things you need:

  • Paper straws
  • Small square tissue paper (2 colors)
  • String
  • Scissors
  • Surebonder Cordless Glue Gun
  • Surebonder full size glue sticks
  • Surebonder Dot Adhesive Runner


 First, take your square pieces of tissue paper and fold them in a diagonal. Proceed to cut them into a triangle shape, but be sure to leave the bottom attached. You can cut all of them at once to separate the cutting like we did. Once we have one color, cut out into small triangles we can start to assemble our banner.


Stretch the string out and try to get any twists out of it. Lay the string on the table, then take the bottom of the triangle and fold over the string. Get out your Surebonder Dot Adhesive Runner and run a small amount of dots on the inside of your triangle and carefully match the edged up and press top to the bottom. This will create one small flag on your banner. If you have a few edges that do not match up just trim them until you have the edge you want. The Dot Adhesive Runner is one of the best craft adhesives for paper and will give you great results every time.



When you have all of your triangles cut, continue to add them to your string alternating colors. Our banner is now finally starting to look like a real banner!

Next, fold a few square tissue pieces together and fold in half. By cutting all of the pieces at once, we can create the same design to place on multiple flags on our banner. Cut small hearts from the attached side and separate.

Take the Surebonder Dot Adhesive Runner and apply some glue adhesive dots to the flags where you want the hearts to be placed, then carefully place your hearts. We choose to put red hearts on the white flags, so the red hearts will stand out. You could also do the reverse and place white hearts (or any other color) on the red flags.

With the flags in place, we can now attach our straws to create poles to hold up our cake banner.

Slide your flags to where you want them to be on the string so you know where to glue your string to your straw. Grab your glue gun and place a small amount of glue towards the upper half of your straws but not the very top. Leave some room available above. Place your string around the glue and once it starts to hold, you can wrap your string around a few times tying the string the last time around. Add a small amount of hot glue to the knot to secure. Complete the same steps for the other straw to attach the string. Be sure to cut any excess string when you are done.


Carefully place your new Cake Top Banner on your cake and see how your cake transforms from boring to beautiful!

Be sure to visit our blog again for new and exciting glue gun craft ideas and inspiration from Surebonder. 

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  • Ellen

    Cool idea. Thanks for the inspiration.

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