How To Make Decorative Halloween Bug Decor

Halloween is just around the corner which means it's time to spook up your home decor. If you're not into scary Halloween decor we have a take that is a little classy but also can be used all year round and won't bug you if it's still up while you are working on your Christmas crafts.

You'll need:
-Wooden plaque 
-Matte black and gold spray paint
-A variety of plastic toy bugs
-Surebonder glue gun

Wood Back for Creepy Halloween Bug Decor

Paint for Creepy Halloween Bug Decor

Bag of Bugs for Creepy Halloween Bug Decor

   Surebonder DT-200F Plus Series 10 Watt Mini Size Dual Temperature Hot Glue Gun


First spray the wooden plaques black with the spray paint. You may need to add multiple coats to ensure the plaque is completely covered. We chose black for this particular one but feel free to mix up the colors to make this hot glue gun craft your very own.

Painted Mounts for Creepy Halloween Bug Decor

Next pick your favorite bugs of the bunch and spray paint them gold. Make sure to spray paint them on multiple angles so when you hang your completed project on the wall the entire bug is completely painted. 
Bugs for Creepy Halloween Bug Decor
Painted Bugs for Creepy Halloween Bug Decor
We chose our  Surebonder DT-200F hot glue for this project. This model has a dual temperature switch so it is ideal for crafts involving multiple materials. Since we are working with wood and plastic, we used the high temperature and put a good amount of hot glue on the belly of the bug. Then place the bug on the middle of your plaque and firmly press down.
How To Glue Bugs for Creepy Halloween Bug Decor
Glued Bug for Creepy Halloween Bug Decor
Pressing Bug to Backing for Creepy Halloween Bug Decor
Repeat  the same process for the other two bugs and adhere the bugs to the painted plaques. 
Creepy Halloween Bug Decor
Check back with us as we have more craft inspiration ideas coming your way! 

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