How to Make Donut Coasters

June 14, 2018

How to Make Donut Coasters

Donut be deceived! These delicious looking donuts are actually cold drink coasters! The trend of cork coasters is on the rise, we found a solution to make them last longer. When cold drinks are placed on them in the summer they tend to break down easily. With a little hot glue you can turn these cork coasters into a cold drink treat!

What you need:

  • Cork coasters
  • Full size hot glue gun ( PRO2-100 * 100w suggested)
  • Full size multi colored glue sticks (base colors)
  • Mini colored glue sticks (sprinkle colors)
  • Small heater gun
  • X-acto knife
  • Glue pad
  • Cutting board

The first step is to take the x-acto knife and cut a hole in the middle of the cork coaster. Choose a color for the base hot glue of your donut. This will look like the frosting. Outline the frosting with the hot glue, then fill it in.The outline will help keep your frosting design intact. To smooth your base out, use the heat gun but be careful not to get too close or holes will develop in the glue. You just want to heat it to the melting point. Also, be sure to continuously move the heat gun around the entire coaster, this will help give you an even distribution of heat and melt.


While the base is cooling, take 3 different colored glue sticks and using your x-acto knife, cut 1-2 small pieces off of one end. Carefully cut the piece into tiny strips.


To apply the sprinkles, heat up the base slightly with the heat gun, then scatter the tiny colored glue stick pieces around the coaster. Once you have the sprinkles placed, using the heat gun, melt them into the base or frosting of your donut. Since we are using these as cold drink coasters, we want the sprinkles to be flat. However, if you want to use this in making a garland or in other decor, you can make them 3D by not melting them completely into the base glue.

Allow your new donut coaster to cool and cut off any excess glue in the donut hole or sides and you are ready to rock your cold summer drink on a donut!

We hope you enjoyed this project as much as we did! Share a comment below if you did too!

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