How to Make Gold-Drip Animal Skull Decor

Animal decor is a hot item right now and animal busts are popping up on living room walls everywhere. These decor pieces are modern,elegant and simple to make.  What better way to create a showpiece for your space with a few steps and SUREBONDER®.

For this project you'll need the following:
+ SUREBONDER® 802 7" Diameter Temperature Controlled, Removeable Handle Electric Glue Skillet
+ Krylon white satin spray paint
+ Animal bust or skull (any animal of your choosing; I picked a cow skull)
+ SUREBONDER® Glitter Stiks in Metallic Gold and Silver

First Parts for Gold-Drip Skull

Anytime we start our hot glue crafts we want to have a blank canvas to work with. For this project we chose to spray paint the animal skull white. Depending on the material and color of the bust or skull, you may need to add additional coats of paint. 


Skull and Paint for Gold-Drip Skull

Skull for Gold-Drip Skull

Next, grab your SUREBONDER® Glitter Stiks in Metallic Gold and Silver  and take the gold glue sticks out and save the silver glue sticks for another project. 
Tip: Cut the glue sticks into smaller pieces for easier melting

Gold Glue Sticks for Gold-Drip Skull

Turn on the electric skillet  on medium high and add the gold glue sticks. The electric skillet is perfect for larger projects and floral design. The best part is you can easily reuse the glue for the next project. 

Glue Skillet for Gold-Drip Skull

Disclaimer: Make sure to use this skillet in a well ventilated area, as smoking may occur at a high heat.

Finally, take the skillet and carefully pour the glue over the skull or bust. You can pour it all at once or pour one section and allow it to cool before pouring another section to create a pattern.

DIY Gold-Drip Skull Parts

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