Make A Hot Glue Shamrock to Rock St. Patrick’s Day

We consider ourselves to be lucky because we have the absolute best craft tribe around. Get your Surebonder hot glue gun out and we’ll show you how to get a little luck by creating a hot glue shamrock.

What you need:

  • Surebonder full size glue gun
  • Surebonder Green full size color stix
  • Silicone heart mold
  • X-acto knife (optional)
  • Silicone glue pad

First, we want to make a few suggestions. Any hot glue project involving a mold will use quite a few sticks of glue. Keep in mind that we used our DT-270F which is a full size, 60 watt high temp glue gun. The higher wattage allows for more glue output, which will make your hearts melt together completely. If you want a layered look, you can use a lower wattage glue gun, which will allow less glue output, allowing each layer to slightly cool before applying the next.

When your glue gun is hot and ready to use,fill three heart molds with green hot melt. Complete one heart before going to the next to create a uniform heart without layers. Just like baking, be sure to tap the bottom of your mold on the table to help the glue settle and get rid of any air pockets. Allow glue to cool.


Once the glue is cool, carefully remove the hearts from the molds. If you have any excess glue on the edges of the hearts, take an X-acto knife and trim those pieces off. Now that we have three clean hearts, we can start to assemble our shamrock.

Place a good amount of hot glue on the bottom point of your heart, then stick another heart right next to it so that the bottoms are touching each other. Take your third heart and place a good amount of glue on the bottom and then place the heart next to the other two. All three hearts should have the bottom points touching each other. You’re most likely will get a glob of glue in the middle. Leave the glue in the center as that will help hold your shamrock together.


Lastly, take a thick line of hot glue and curve it slightly on your silicone glue pad and place your group of hearts on top of the line so it becomes the stem of your shamrock. Wait for the glue to cool and carefully peel your completed shamrock off the silicone pad.

Make more shamrocks and use as fun home decor, part of another craft or give away to wish someone luck! Make a few gold coins and you might even catch a leprechaun. 

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