Wood Craft Kit: How to Build a Truck The Right Way

Wood crafts kits can be a fun, inexpensive hobby, however, they don’t always hold up to the test of time. Most of the time the craft glue included will not be strong enough of a bond to the material and the parts don’t quite fit together like they should. We took a truck kit and turned it into a toy to show that these small kits and lead to big fun.

What you need:

First, take the kit parts out of the package and take inventory of the parts. When you find the glue it comes with, quickly throw it into the closest trash can! We are all about a better bond, and this glue will not give anyone a better bond. Pick up your Surebonder glue sticks and know that your project will stay together!

With this kit, we noticed that the wheels do not fit well on the axles. What is the point of building a truck that doesn’t move, right? Solve this problem by taking a Phillips screwdriver and gouging the inside of the wheel to create a bigger hole so the axle will fit. This will allow the wheel to spin and the truck to move once you are done with the build.


Since the wheels will now move on the axle, we need a way to keep them on the axle when on the truck body. Apply a small dab of hot glue to your silicone mat and place one axle upright in the glue and allow to cool. This will create a flat piece of glue that will secure the wheel.



While we are allowing this to cool, we added the windshield and cab of the truck. Next, go back to the axles and put the wheels on and apply the same process with sticking the axle in a dab of glue on the silicone mat. When the glue is cool put the truck axles in place and glue the cover on the bottom of the truck.


You can leave the truck with bare wood or paint it however your heart desires.

Lastly, have fun with the new truck! If you liked this idea, let us know in the comments below!

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