Skillet Hot Glue Cube Pellets, 1 lb (B-2001)


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When you want to save time and focus on serious craft projects, using a glue skillet allows you to dip material and place items directly where you desire. The Surebonder Diamond Cube Skillet Glue is the perfect glue to melt in a glue skillet such as the Surebonder 803 or 805. Featuring a low-string material with high bonding, you’ll quickly complete your project with lasting results. No more excessive spiderwebs of glue associated with other types of skillet glue! You’ll enjoy the cleaner adherence and efficiency in a convenient 1-pound bag proudly made in the USA.

Product Features:

• LOW-STRINGING FORMULA - Surebonder Diamond Cube Skillet Glue has a low-stringing formula that dries clear and is great for many crafting applications, especially floral design.
• MAXIMUM SURFACE AREA COVERAGE - Surebonder glue skillets and pellets allow you to dip your crafting material directly into a pool of melted glue before adhering. This ensures that the entire surface area of the material is covered in hot glue in less time than it would take to do so with a glue gun.
• SUPERIOR BONDING - Provides high-strength superior bonding on a variety of materials including paper, wood, metal, and more.
• MADE IN THE USA - All Surebonder glue has been manufactured in Wauconda, IL since 1968.

SKU: B-2001