Ultra Low Temperature Cool Shot Mini Glue Gun (Plus Series KD-160F)


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This safe, value-priced tool makes sense for those still learning to use glue guns — and/or for projects that don’t need very hot glue for the bonding of materials. Note that glue is a unique formula that melts at a lower temperature to allow for safer work with standard hot glue dry time. Compact size makes the gun easy to prep, use, clean and store. Recommended for youth 14 and older. Choose this capable low-temperature model anytime your project will be served by glue that’s just warm enough to melt. An excellent choice for new or inexperienced users who need the ease of function and safety features without the possible hazard of very hot glue.

Product Features:

• Low 10-watt capacity makes this a safer choice for inexperienced users

• Ideal for bonding delicate materials such as paper, fabric, foam or flowers that could be damaged by higher temps

• Specially designed formula to allow for typical working time despite the low temperature

• Safety features include insulated nozzle, kickstand, side fins that prevent backed-up glue when the gun is laid flat and a safety fuse

• Must be used with Surebonder Cool Shot Glue Sticks

SKU: KD-160F