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Meet Jennifer from Jettie Media,
she is our featured maker for November 2023!
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"I’m Jennifer, and I’ve been in the cosplay/competition world for roughly 5 years now. Being a master-level competitor, I’m always looking for a challenge with my next project. My focus lately has been highly detailed and theatrical armor builds! Cosplay has given me the chance to explore so many new skills and push my craftsmanship to the next level. I hope to inspire and motivate others in the community to put their best foot forward and not be afraid to try new things!"


1. How long have you been creating and how did you get started?
I’ve been creating basically my whole life, but more recently and what has turned into my main obsession is creating armors and costumes. I started cosplaying back in 2018 and have been working on my craft since.


2. What is/are your favorite Surebonder product(s):
I love the cordless/corded hot glue gun and just started using the fabric glue sticks! 

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2. What do you love most about the creative process and what is the hardest part?:

I think I would have to say building out and detailing the costumes are my favorite part. Each one is so unique and different, so the hardest part is just figuring out what techniques and processes will be the best for a high quality outcome. So planning and even engineering specific costume mechanics before even diving into creation can be a bit of work.


3. What inspires you to create?:
Seeing others create amazing cosplays and pushing their skill sets to the limit is super inspiring.


4. Who’s another maker you admire and what do you love about their work?:
I love the cosplayer by the name of Anhyra Cosplay Her level of detail and use of advanced materials brings her costumes to the next level and I strive to produce work like hers someday.

5. How do you manage and overcome creative burnout?:
If I have a specific deadline or event I know I’m making a costume for, I set an insane amount of time before the deadline so I can craft at a pace that I’m comfortable with. That way if I run into any hiccups or errors that need to be addressed, I still have lots of time to redirect my thinking and try again!

6. Have you experienced a fail? How did you work through it and what did you learn?:
Failing is apart of learning. One instance where I feel that I failed in a costume, is actually the material of choice that I used. In theory, it seemed that it would be a good material to use, but after wearing it for long periods of time, it began to break down and lose integrity. So since then, instead of using the material all over the costume as a base, it is now used for smaller detail work and supports.

7. What advice would you give to someone who wants to get started?:
Don’t be afraid to start. We all come from different backgrounds of skill level and access to materials. Look around the internet for tutorials related to your project, get friends advice on your approach. But the best way to learn, is to start making, and to not fear failure. Even the best artists in the world still mess up sometimes. You just have to go for it.

8. What’s next for you? (a new project? a new technique? a new venture?):
Currently in development, I am creating concept art for a new costume that I’m hoping to start creating in 2024. It will have new components that I haven’t tried before, and I am very excited to see where the process takes me!


Check out more from Jennifer: 
Instagram: @Jettie_Media


Collage of project photos from jettie_media showing cosplay costumes and crafts she has created